Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mik's First Tornado Siren Experience

Last night I happened to catch the news and they were talking about possible tornados with storms today.  Earlier this month Mom and Dad were out of town and heard about bad weather in our region and wondered whether Mik and I knew what to do in a tornado.  I did, as I remember a few times hearing the sirens during the summers I spent in Illinois as a kid.  Mik didn't and when I asked him last night he still did not know, so I told him where to go if he heard the sirens.

This afternoon I heard a siren like noise, but at first I thought it was the laundry I had just started (my desk is right next to the laundry room).  I opened my door, though, and realized it was in fact the tornado siren, which I kind of was expecting since I happened to have the local channel on and they interrupted regular programming with storm watch coverage as the storm.  I went to see if Mik heard it (also, our safe spot is also right inside his room), but it could not be heard in his room at all at first (could slightly hear it when he turned his game system off).  Apparently, my room is not as sound proof, which makes sense considering it is the garage area.

When he saw that the tornado watch was in effect until 7 p.m. (it was only 4 p.m.), he said he really missed Tucson now because there are like no natural disasters there.  It only lasted about 30 minutes, though.  In that time, though, he decided we should have an emergency supply kit in the linen closet in his room, since that is in the alcove that makes one of the safest areas in the house.  I have a lot of that kind of stuff in my room and we sure keep stocked on food considering Mom and Dad seem to keep being going for weeks at a time, but the only thing in that closet is a big bag of dog food (and we did not even think of letting Billy in the room...poor Billy) and his glow stick flashlight that I only hung on the closet door this morning.

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