Saturday, May 14, 2016

Penguin Dominoes

This afternoon I heard noise on the upper deck and thought it was the lounge chairs getting pushed around by the wind. Instead I found most of my penguin army had fallen over. The noise seems to have been the trash can being blown over and rolling around on the deck until it hit the row of penguins.

I meant to do something about that trash can the last time it was rolling around. I didn't have anything to secure it before, but at least for now I'm using penguins to weight it down.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Ally Fell Through the Hole

This morning I woke up to two texts from Mik saying Ally was stuck and then Ally fell through the hole. Only took him a day to have something fall through. Guess we better finish his room project before something more major falls through the hole.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Our Life's Too Kaotic

Today Mom asked if I still posted on Our Kaotic Life. My response was "No, our life's too chaotic. I don't have time." Mom replied, "Sounds like you should have plenty of material then."

Some of Our Kaotic Life Events
  • Snowzilla
  • Cleaning and Repacking 400+ Insulators
  • Moving
  • Boat Life
  • My First ER Visit & My First Broken Bone (pinkie finger)
  • My First Surgery & My First IV (required ultrasound)
  • Mik New Room Remodel 
  • Endless Rain

Happy Kaotic Mother's Day! In case I forget, you can pick up your Mother's Day card off the printer.