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Friday, July 19, 2024

Mini Golf Adventures: Pixar Putt Wharf DC

Pixar Putt DC Wharf

Date of Visit: July 19, 2024

Location: Pixar Putt, Washington, DC

Several years ago we were going to do Pixar Putt in Chicago and even had bought tickets, but then we did not end up going to Chicago and when in Chicago later that summer we had heard it was not that great and did not want to pay for it again. At $30 a person, I was kind of hesitant to do it in DC, but Dad and I got done with organizing the storage unit with several days to spare before the U-Haul truck rental and the weather was actually not to bad (warm, but not so humid). Since it was right there by the marina and we could just go back to the boat, we did not worry about making reservations because it cost extra to book online and we ended up a few more bucks with the senior/military discount.

Dad at Hole 17

Overall it was fun Pixar theming and do not regret doing it, but we do agree with the impressions we had gotten before that it is not really worth the high cost. The holes are definitely interesting, but they are also very challenging. Part of the challenge is that it is not all turf, but some of it is the playground rubber surface that really affects the way the ball rolls. What was most annoying, though, was that there were several holes that there just was not enough space to stand to hit the ball. This happens at times at many mini golf courses, but usually it is only when you end up hitting your ball to an odd spot and here the issue was at many of the starting spots. There were also several holes where there was not enough room for the ball to go in from certain angles because the pin was not centered on hole.

Hole 1 Toy Story Themed
Hole 1: Toy Story

Hole 2 Turning Red Themed
Hole 2: Turning Red

Somehow a Par 2, but you have to first get it through the angle between the feet and then opening to hole is off to side

Hole 3 Wall-E themed
Hole 3: Wall-E - encourages you to hit it hard to go around, but that just leads to it bouncing totally off course

Hole 4 Monsters Inc Themed
Hole 4: Monsters Inc

Hole 5 Toy Story 4 Themed
Hole 5: Toy Story 4

Hole 6: Finding Nemo themed
Hole 6: Finding Nemo - I got it in with it stuck between pin and edge of hole, but then Dad had a lot of trouble because there really isn't enough room on backside of pin for ball to go in.

Hole 7: Incredibles themed
Hole 7: Incredibles - This one was interesting in that there were four different holes you could go for (one under each claw).

Hole 8: Ratatouille themed
Hole 8: Ratatouille

Hole 9: Toy Story themed
Hole 9: Toy Story - This hole was kind of weird in that you dropped the ball in the hole instead of putting to start.

Hole 10: Cars themed
Hole 10: Cars - This one had a loop to go through the 95. Dad could not get it to go around even after several tries (no one was behind us and we had to wait for the next hole).

Hole 11: A Bug's Life themed
Hole 11: A Bug's Life

Hole 12: Coco themed
Hole 12: Coco - This hole was complex with you first going down the neck of the guitar and then having to come back around to go over the guitar to where the hole is. 

Hole 13: Inside Out themed
Hole 13: Inside Out - This is another hole you drop your ball to start. There are two different ramps it could roll down as well as two other openings at the bottom. Dad ended up with it going down one that made the ball bounce off course.

Hole 14: Onward themed
Hole 14: Onward

Hole 15: Lightyear themed
Hole 15: Lightyear

Hole 16: Soul themed
Hole 16: Soul - This one you put the ball at the top of the stairs and tap it to go down. Tap too hard and it will probably end up off course. The change to the turf around the hole totally brings it to a stop, though.

Hole 17: Luca themed
Hole 17: Luca

Hole 18: Up themed
Hole 18: Up - This one is quite hard to get the ball in the house and not bounce out. The staff then cranked the house up and over to drop the ball down the falls towards the hole.

Final Scores

  • Kj - 62
  • Dad - 67
Score Card Front 9

Score Card Back 9

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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Mini Golf Adventures: Little Bully Pulpit Mini Golf

Little Bully Pulpit Mini Golf road sign

Date of Visit: June 18, 2024

Location: Little Bully Pulpit Mini Golf, Medora, ND

We did not have much time to spend really exploring Medora (and Theodore Roosevelt National Park), but when I found out there was mini golf making sure we played the course was a top priority to fit in.

Me by Theodore Roosevelet National Park sign on Hole 18

The theming of Little Bully Pulpit is Medora and North Dakota symbols for the front 9 and the Badlands for the back 9. The variety of holes was fun, especially as each hole had an information sign about what the hole was representing.

Dad putting behind Theodore Roosevelt National Park sign on Hole 18

As there was a larger group just starting when we were paying for our round, they suggested we cross the street and start with the back 9. When done with the Back 9, we ended up being an even larger group for the front 9 and skipped hole 2 to get ahead of them and then went back to do Hole 2 before doing Hole 9 last. Certainly not how I prefer to play, but we were trying to save time as we still had the Enchanted Highway to do that day and the layout of this course made it not difficult to do out of order.

Hole 1 Medora Musical Info Sign
Hole 1: Medora Musical

Hole 1 Medora Musical themed

Hole 2 Mining Info Sign
Hole 2: Mining

Hole 2 Mining Themed

Hole 3 The Tipi info sign
Hole 3: The Tipi

Hole 3 The Tipi themed

Hole 4 Wind Energy info sign
Hole 4: Wind Energy

Hole 4 Windmill themed

Hole 5 Petroleum Oil info sign
Hole 5: Dakota Petroleum

Hole 5 Petroleum Oil themed

Hole 6 Freight Wagon info sign
Hole 6: Freight Wagon

Hole 6 Freight Wagon themed

Hole 7 Maltese Cabin info sign
Hole 7: Maltese Cross Cabin

Hole 7 Maltese Cabin themed

Hole 8 Meat Packing Plant info sign
Hole 8: Meat Packing Plant

Hole 8 Meat Packing Plant themed

Hole 10 Rolling Plains info sign
Hole 10: Rolling Plains

Hole 10 Rolling Plains themed

Hole 11 Petrified Forest info sign
Hole 11: Petrified Forest

Hole 12 American Bison info sign
Hole 12: American Bison

Hole 12 American Bison themed

Hole 13 Bully Pulpit Golf Course info sign
Hole 13: Bully Pulpit Golf Course

Hole 13 Bully Pulpit Golf Course themed

Hole 14 Wind Canyon info sign
Hole 14: Wind Canyon

Hole 14 Wind Canyon themed

Hole 15 Horseshoes info sign
Hole 15: Horseshoes

Hole 15 Horseshoes themed

Hole 16 Cowboy Hat & Boots info sign
Hole 16: Cowboy Hat & Boots

Hole 16 Cowboy Hat & Boots themed

Hole 17 Rough Riders info sign
Hole 17: Rough Riders

Hole 17 Rough Riders themed

Hole 18 Theodore Roosevelt National Park info sign
Hole 18: Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Hole 18 Theodore Roosevelt National Park themed

LEGO Ranger Dan with Theodore Roosevelt National Park themed hole
Ranger Dan

Final Scores

  • Kjersti - 54
  • Dad - 52
Score card for Front 9, Kj 31, Dad 25

Score card for Back 9, Kj 23, Dad 27, Final Kj 54, Dad 52

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