Friday, July 18, 2014

Mom showing off her new Metro knowledge

After telling Mom how the CTA continues to thwart me and that partly had to do with having issues with the app I tried to get to help, Mom decided to show me how she discovered how to use an app (Google Maps?) to plan a Metro trip and more specifically know when the next train was coming to the station. Really like that is something new?

For one, I used to do that all the time when I was at American University and then later when I lived in Virginia as well as the multiple times we have visited over the years. I even have an app for the DC Metro, but I rarely use it because I have that Metro mostly memorized and when I do find the need to plan a trip to be somewhere by a specific time I tend to use the website.

Secondly, Mom thought the feature of knowing when the next train was most helpful when she was leaving the condo. My first comment was why not just look at the TV in the lobby when you get off the elevators on your way out? She agreed that was actually most convenient, but she only discovered that the TV had that info a few days ago.

Oh, and my CTA misadventure no longer seems that bad when it took Mom twice as long to get to the Condo and she got off at the right stop and knew where she didn't take the scenic route. Well, actually along the river was more scenic, so...

CTA continues to thwart me

I can't decide whether I dislike Chicago because I always get lost using the public transit or I am unable to learn the efficient way to get to the condo because I dislike Chicago.  Probably the later as it took only one day trying to get to Versailles to learn the Paris Metro at 13 when I knew little French or experience using public transit, so after 7 years and lots of experience one would think I could at least get from the airport to the condo.  Well, I can, but it takes almost as long as the flight.