Monday, May 27, 2013

Choosing only 5 hats to display

For over a week I have had a hat rack mounted over the door in my office just waiting for me to hang hats on.  Initially I had to find my ball cap collection.  I found that box on Friday, but couldn't at all decide what hats to put up there as pairing down my collection to fit in that box last summer seemed hard enough.  After three days of thinking about it, I finally decided what hats to hang up there and two of the hats came out of other random boxes I unpacked this weekend.

The finalists are a Stanley Equipment Stanley, N.D. hat; a Turkish Naval hat given to me on my first trip to Turkey; a USS Crommelin FFG-37 (ship Daf served on) hat; a well worn Nats Park Opening Day hat; and my Students on Ice hat.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Computers have almost outgrown my desk

Since even before we moved to our new house, we had no idea where we would put the desktop computer.  While Mom and Dad were gone for most of April, I ended up putting it on a desk Mom had "temporarily" put in the living room.  I kind of liked it there to play on and watch television, but no one else did.  For awhile I had thought of putting it on my roll top desk because that's what it was designed for.  Today with my laptop going in for repair I was finally motivated to move the desktop to the roll top desk only to find it just barely fits in the opening for computer screens.  I kept thinking computers were getting to be too big screen size wise when I got my last laptop and if it was just a half an inch wider or taller the desktop wouldn't fit on my desk.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Need a Magic Clock like the Weasleys

In the Harry Potter books/movies the Weasleys have special clocks that show roughly were each member is at.  Such as home, work, school, etc.  I so need one that says things like out walking/running, out of town, at work, etc. because it seems like just when I expect someone to be at home (Dad!) I cannot find them.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Who knew making frozen pizza was so hard?

Mik asked Mom to make him some food for dinner tonight and she decided to make a garlic cheese bread sort of pizza thing we had in the freezer.  To make it, though, she first asked me how to do it as if I knew off the top of my head and I only have made one once.  I told her to read the box and she still needed pretty much word by word help, as in she didn't know how (or at least pretended not to) to set the oven and then the timer.  In setting the timer she ended up setting it for 90 hours and then it got stuck at 10 hours and I just set the microwave one, which I like better anyways.  The craziest question, though, was when she took it out of the oven and asked if it was precut or if she has to cut it.  For one, I don't know of any precut frozen pizza, but even if it was you would think it would have been noticeable that it was when she put it in or took it out of the oven.