Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Why we should start writing postcards again

Just a few discoveries and thoughts I had this weekend as I started to go through storage boxes in preparation of our next move.  By the end of number 5, the title of this post should make sense.
  1. First off, how the hell do we still have so much stuff?  Seriously, we got rid of a two car garage and motorhome garage full of stuff and I have not only gotten rid of stuff since we got to Alabama, but also we have not accumulated very many things since the move.  Well, Mom has, but even she has also gotten rid of a lot since the move. 
  2. As a kindergartner, Mik wanted to be a farmer when he grew up. No longer a something he wants to be (or at least not that I know of), but he did go on to be very involved in gardening at his grade school and he continues to be part of making the decisions on what we plant at home. 
  3. Apparently, taking on the lawn mowing last year was not the first time I had lawn chores.  Going away and leaving them undone like I have been doing this spring and will be doing this summer also not new.  A 1992 postcard my Mom sent me while I was in Illinois for the summer says that the weeds have started to grow in my playground and she guesses we will have to pull them again.
  4. In September 1999, Mom sent postcards from London saying she hopes to bring Mik someday (postcard to Mik) and that we should all come (postcard to me).  Interestingly, only months before (April 1999) Dad, her, and I did spend a long layover taking in some of the sites on our way to Poland.  Still have not gone as a whole family, but she did take Dad and Mik with when she went for work when I was in college and I got to go with when she went in 2008.
  5.  My god-mother sent me a postcard from the Town Square in Praque saying that some day I am sure you will visit Prague and sit in the Town Square as I do today (2001).  I certainly did not remember this postcard at the time, but I did in fact sit in the town square almost every day the week I spent in Prague in 2008.  It is even very likely the Prague postcard I mailed myself for my postmarked postcard collection was written while sitting in the Town Square. 
  6. Lastly, a significant portion of the storage boxes is the glass insulator collection. On one hand I think I really will one day do something with them while on the other hand I do not care if they are always stored like the pictures and family history boxes.  After all this is a collection that has been sitting in garages and storage areas for longer than I have been alive.  In fact, it was probably stored in my great-grandma’s garage in North Dakota longer than I’ve been alive.  Now I’ve had it almost seven years and it’s gone from North Dakota to a house in Arizona to a storage unit in Arizona to a garage in Arizona to a house in Alabama to a storage unit in Alabama to a garage in Alabama.  Basically, it has become one of those things I would want to pass down with the family photos and history stuff even though I don’t plan on having anyone to pass stuff down to.  At least if I did, I hope they will be more appreciated as heirlooms than the vacuum my dad called an heirloom that I should keep.  And, yeah, that vacuum is in fact stored in the garage and I will keep it as long as it works, but seriously it’s not an heirloom!