Monday, August 17, 2015

How many CSAs does it take to do a two man lift?

Two times in a row we ended up post boarded connecting through DFW. The first time it made sense as our flight was late and they were boarding by the time we got to gate. This time connection was a little close for preboarding, but we still got there 15 minutes before boarding. They immediately called for CSAs for an aisle chair and they wouldn't have really made the call much earlier even if we had been there. 15 minutes pass and two calls later and still no one, so they begin regular boarding to help ensure flight gets out on time. Final boarding call and probably three calls later and we've got one CSA. Finally, two more show up and by the time rest of flight gets on plane and we can do the aisle chair transfer two more show up. And we did in fact need one of those two guys because only the first of the first three knew how to do the transfer. The CSAs in general seem to be horrible at DFW, but I've got to imagine it's partly being understaffed and/or that you can get really spread out with taking people to connecting gates. However, awesome gate agents!!! Mik was getting a little nervous about missing flight, though.