Wednesday, July 17, 2013

So much for it being the spare microwave

Today Dad finally drilled a hole in the countertop and my cabinet area of my room is finally functional as my soap studio.  I had brought 2 microwaves with in the move to potentially use.  Dad hooked up the bigger seemingly nicer one and we were going to put the other in storage as a spare in case I ever needed it.  Well, it never got to storage because a little while later I went to use the microwave and found that it turns on and appeared to be cooking, but it didn't create any heat after the two minutes I set it for.  At least I already had a spare and I didn't have to mess up the kitchen, which finally has clean counter space after Dad and I coming home from the cottage to find the kitchen stuff, as we we call it, exploded.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Keep This Kitchen Clean Eat Out!

A few months ago when unpacking boxes from the move that ended up in my room, I found this cross stitch that had been stored in the garage probably since we moved to Arizona from California in 1994. It was made by my grandma for my parents' first anniversary.

Right away I thought it should not go in the kitchen.  It is not because I do not like it, but I know Mom and she does not need any more encouragement to eat out (i.e. spend money).  Of course, once Mom saw it, though, she insisted we hang it in the kitchen.

The pinkish frame color did not really go with our Coca Cola theme, so today I repainted it the Coca Cola red from the leftover paint we had from painting the big wall in the kitchen/breakfast room.  Now it not only goes with the kitchen theme/color, but the whole thing looks better since it brings out the red in the cross stich.