Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A House Divided: Dbacks vs. Nats

Mik trash talks the Nats all the time and of course I have to defend them.  I did not used to counter trash talk the Dbacks, but every since they moved their spring training away from Tucson I totally dislike them, so now I do trash talk them to counter to Mik's trash talking.

Today the three game Dbacks @ the Nats series began.  I told Mik he had to get his online course done before his phone classes because the game started right after his last class.  Of course, he was trash talking saying the Dbacks were going to slaughter the Nats all day.  He only ended up watching the first inning before retreating back to his room for video games, but yeah they ended up beating my Nats.

Mik came back out right as the game was ending as Dad had arrived with Tuesday night dinner.  Dad was with me rooting for the Nats, but Mom came in right after the game ended and Mik asked her who she wanted to win and she was for the Dbacks.  Thus Mik wanted a snuggie for the win and she gave me a snuggie for my team losing while Mik said I do not get one for the team losing.

Now Mik is totally trash talking the Nats and well there is not much defense right after a loss.  The Nats are still doing pretty amazing this season, though.  If they just could get back to winning, especially against the Dbacks so I can get my turn at victory and trash talking about my team beating Mik's team.

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