Saturday, October 14, 2023

Mini Golf Adventures: Red Dragon Cove Adventure Golf - Marauder's Challenge


Date of Visit: October 11, 2023

Location: Red Dragon Cove Adventure Golf, Myrtle Beach, SC

Course: Marauder's Challenge

On our way to Hawaiian Village Golf the day before, I almost had Dad turn around when I noticed this new mini golf place, but it is one of the closest to us so decided it would be easy to do another day.

We really enjoyed this place. Part of it is just that it is new and the courses are not worn at all. However, it also has done the theming very well as even though it is basically yet another pirate themed course it is different in that it is also Asian. The Asian theming includes multi-lingual signage on the doors, the temple entry, and on the Marauder's Challenge course the theming includes a Buddha and dragon. We also enjoyed the variety on the course with there being hills, water obstacles, and terraced courses.

Final Scores

  • Kjersti - 52
  • Dad - 43

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