Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Mini Golf Adventures: Cancun Lagoon Golf - Chaks Revenge

Date of Visit: May 2, 2021

Location: Cancun Lagoon Golf

Course: Chak's Revenge (partial indoors) & Cancun Lagoon (outdoors)

Years ago when we were just starting to consider Myrtle Beach as where Mik and I would eventually end up living, Kirsten saying it was the mini golf capital was the most attractive thing for me. First year living here, mini golf was something we only did once due to the pandemic, weather, and lot of moving involving both our households.

With Dad in town for a weekend, I decided we should go mini golfing again. Instead of trying a new place, we ended up at Cancun Lagoon again because we had so much fun with the spinners and wanted to get the deck of cards version to use at other courses.

As this place has three 9-hole courses, the Chak's Revenge partial indoor course, which was the one we didn't do last time, and then the outdoor Cancun Lagoon course since it was the least crowded of the two we did in October.

Final Scores (Chak's Revenge Par 20, Cancun Lagoon Par 23)

  • Kjersti - 46 (21, 25)
  • Dad - 48 (22, 26)

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