Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Knew I Should've Avoided the Disney Store

Yesterday, I was walking along Michigan Ave in Chicago to go to Best Buy and get some headphones because I did not bring any on the road trip and wanted some for listening to my iPod on the flight home today.  My plan was just to hit the stores with Shopkicks on the way.  I skipped the Disney Store on the way there, but I could not resist going in on the way back.

Of course, once there I could not pass up the fun Windy City Chicago Vinylmation guy.  Also, I found a fun one with little Mickey's representing flags of the world.  Lastly, I finally got a Cubs Vinylmation.  I really want a Nationals one, but alas they do not make one (maybe, they will if the Nats keep being awesome!).  I do not want the Cubs one in my ledge collection at home, but I could not resist getting it for Mom's apartment because it was perfect for the TV room that has Wrigley Field and other Cubs decor.  I certainly did not need 3 Vinylmation, but once I was in there and they had Chicago ones and the newer flag one I just could not resist.  At least I did resist the fun scented ones.

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