Tuesday, April 24, 2012

First Attempt at Spoon Garden Markers

I have been wanting to make markers for the plants in our garden since we planted it back in February, but was not sure what to use.  Last weekend I learned about turning spoons into garden markers and thought it would be great to try, especially since we had quite a few more spoons than we really need.

I did not really follow the directions I had seen, as they recommended mod podge and other stuff I did not have around the house.  What I did have, though, was a container with some of the white paint for finishing the edging in my room.

In my first attempt to turn the spoons into garden markers, I was quite lazy and decided to just dip the spoons in the paint.  I did let some of the paint drip off, but I really was going for quick and did not really let enough drip off.  Thus, I ended up with them not really drying all the way through and the back of the spoon ended up with a spot not covered or still wet where it was resting on the wax paper.  This was after drying overnight.

I ended up easily rinsing off the paint and picking off the rest.  Next up I am going to just paint them with a paintbrush, so I do not end up with the pools of paint accumulating in the concave part of the spoon.

While it did not work out so well, as rushing a project usually does not, but I did make a cool video of dipping the spoons.

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