Sunday, June 1, 2014

A light? No, a Hat Rack!

The past few days I kept trying to find a place to hang my hat.  I am used to having knobs to put them when I am at home.  I have three racks, but I did not think of bringing one of them as one of the few things we brought for our initial trip to our condo.  I have been mainly leaving a cap on the kitchen counter by one of the doors to the patio, but I was getting tired of it taking up counter space.

In looking for where I could instead hang it, I noticed that in the corner where it's designed for a table to go the light fixture was a perfect location for a hat.  It is a little low, but we plan to fix that eventually anyways because we are not going to put a table there.  It is actually a perfect hat rack at least for now because it has room for 4 hats and that is how many I brought with.

Since the kitchen is going to be Disney, I think I will continue to use it as a hat rack and only have Disney caps on it.  For now, though, it's got two Nats caps and two Disney caps.

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