Friday, July 9, 2021

Mini Golf Adventures: Pirate's Island Adventure Golf - Blackbeard's Original Adventure

Date of Visit: June 18, 2021

Location Pirate's Island Adventure Golf, Hilton Head, SC

Course: Blackbeard's Original Adventure

Hilton Head was a quick weekend trip to celebrate Mom's 60th birthday (early because it was the only dates this summer I could get more than one night in a row to use our DVC points). As I don't like the beach and it was too humid to be interested in the outdoor hikes and biking Dad found, I was instead determined to do all the courses at the three mini golf places. We did this one on Friday evening to make sure we had time to do the other two places before our dinner reservation on Saturday (ended up with time to even visit lighthouse).

This course had some interesting signs with info on Blackbeard. Not so interesting when the same info was later found on the Captain Kidd course...

Final Scores (Par 43)

  • Kjersti - 50
  • Dad - 42

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Mini Golf Adventures: Adventure Falls Golf - Castle

Date of Visit: May 30, 2021

Location Adventure Falls Golf, Myrtle Beach, SC

Course: Castle

The course to some extent appeared easy with some short holes and such, but turned out to be a challenge and really the cards didn't seem to affect the overall play this time other than making it more fun.

Final Scores (Par 37)

  • Nora - 63
  • Josh - 49
  • Kirsten - 50
  • Kjersti - 54
  • Tana - 51
  • Kelly - 48

Friday, June 4, 2021

Mini Golf Adventures: Mt Atlanticus Minotaur Goff - Minotaur

Date of Visit: May 23, 2021

Location: Mt Atlanticus Minotaur Goff, Myrtle Beach, SC

Course: Minotaur

Seemed more difficult than the Conch course and turns out that it is supposed to be. Features a "fun" maze hole.

Final Scores

  • Nora - 63
  • Josh - 42
  • Kirsten - 45
  • Kjersti - 44
  • Tana - 45
  • Judi - 47
  • Kelly - 46

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Mini Golf Adventures: Mt. Atlanticus Minotaur Goff - Conch

Date of Visit: May 16, 2021

Location: Mt Atlanticus Minotaur Goff, Myrtle Beach, SC

Course: Conch

Mt. Atlanticus has an interesting design of indoor and outdoor holes as well as some tiered holes.

Final Scores

  • Nora - 59
  • Josh - 41
  • Kirsten - 47
  • Kjersti - 39
  • Tana - 42

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Mini Golf Adventures: Jurassic Golf - Ice Age

Date of Visit: May 2, 2021

Location: Jurassic Golf, Myrtle Beach, SC

Course: Ice Age

This was our first time playing with the cards. While Mik isn't interested in mini golf, after playing this Ice Age course I keep trying to get him to at least try this one as it is an accessible course that actually seems quite easy to navigate and play.

Dad playing with hand.

Mom being obstacle.

Dad being obstacle.

Behind the Back

Topsy Turvy

Nora being "obstacle."

Kirsten playing with hand.

Final Scores (Par 43)

  • Nora - 65
  • Kirsten - 50
  • Kjersti - 52
  • Mom - 50
  • Dad - 44

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Mini Golf Adventures: Cancun Lagoon Golf - Chaks Revenge

Date of Visit: May 2, 2021

Location: Cancun Lagoon Golf

Course: Chak's Revenge (partial indoors) & Cancun Lagoon (outdoors)

Years ago when we were just starting to consider Myrtle Beach as where Mik and I would eventually end up living, Kirsten saying it was the mini golf capital was the most attractive thing for me. First year living here, mini golf was something we only did once due to the pandemic, weather, and lot of moving involving both our households.

With Dad in town for a weekend, I decided we should go mini golfing again. Instead of trying a new place, we ended up at Cancun Lagoon again because we had so much fun with the spinners and wanted to get the deck of cards version to use at other courses.

As this place has three 9-hole courses, the Chak's Revenge partial indoor course, which was the one we didn't do last time, and then the outdoor Cancun Lagoon course since it was the least crowded of the two we did in October.

Final Scores (Chak's Revenge Par 20, Cancun Lagoon Par 23)

  • Kjersti - 46 (21, 25)
  • Dad - 48 (22, 26)