Thursday, April 4, 2013

Who Really Moved?

The past week Mik and I have been wondering who has really moved to our new home in Alabama because neither Mom or Dad have been here for over two weeks and only Mom "should" be here two days in the next two and a half weeks.  Thus, it kind of feels like only we moved, especially since Dad is back in AZ most of this time.

Considering the first month we were here, we spent two weeks at Disney World, and the other time running around to government and medical places to get things all transferred over here, not only is it like half the household has not really moved here, but we have not really moved in either.  Boxes are still taking up half my room, although yesterday I did finally clear the path to open the door that goes out to the trash cans from my room.  Dad's den is still full of boxes and is actually a bigger disaster because he asked me to find his camera stuff and I could not exactly keep the somewhat organized set up when going through the stuff by myself (and I did not even find the stuff to go with his camera, so finding the camera was useless!).

So, going on two months in our new house, it does not seem much different than the day we moved in.  At this rate I predict we may have the boxes unpacked after a year in this house, but that does not take in consideration who knows what ended up in the attic!

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