Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mik's Xbox Drives Us Nuts

Last week Mik's Xbox 360 disc drive stopped working. He was going to have Dad try to fix it, but after finding out he won't be home for another month and the Xbox 360 now came in a newer version with the WiFi built in he decided it was worth spending his savings on a new one instead. I got it with my Amazon Prime shipping, so he was back to playing games quick. It was even surprisingly easy to transfer the harddrive data over to the new one and that is really saying something because I really stink when it comes to Microsoft/Windows stuff. What stumped us, though was getting it to connect to our WiFi network.

At first the Xbox seemed to not be able to understand that there were two networks with the same name when we have an extended network. We read about it being a known problem for some, so we thought if we got it connected to the main base it would then work like the old one did because that one was connected before we has the extension. So, last night we spent hours trying to get it to work in my room near the wireless router only to have the same issue of it not working. Part of the problem seemed that no one could remember setting up the password to login into the router to change the settings that may be messing with the Xbox connecting. We finally gave up and put it back in Mik's room to reevaluate what to do another day.

Then this morning I decided to finally hook up the Apple TV Mom got awhile back because I wanted to have it up and running for watching Nationals games on before the free MLB ends on DirecTV. When setting it up Mom noticed I was typing the password to join the wireless network wrong. Turns out I had been doing that the whole time with the Xbox, too, although I know I did it with re correct password at least once with it still being an error connecting. However, going back to it this afternoon I got it connected no problem and it appears it really was just typing error and one fluke of nonconnection error.

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