Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2019 Year in Review


Our 4th annual family trip to WDW. This year we stayed the Boulder Ridge. The highlight was the character dinner there that included Grumpy.

Snow in DC

Dad and I visited George Washington Birthplace National Monument.


Mom and I visited Tucson to see The Oak Ridge Boys at the Fox Theatre. When I read an article about this year being the 100th anniversary of the Grand Canyon National Park on the plane, we ended up deciding to visit the Grand Canyon while in Arizona. We also ended up visiting Walnut Canyon National Monument when we missed our exit and it was the next exit to turn around at. Also, finally got Ranger Dan to Saguaro National Park.


Peeps S'mores at the Wharf


I enjoyed the Spring Garden Tour at the White House.

We enjoyed several outings including going to the Belmont-Paul Women's Equality National Monument with Dad and The National Garden. Mik went to Awesome Con.


Mik and I choose early May for our just us WDW trip this year as we hadn't been to the Flower and Garden Festival for a few years. We also got to enjoy the 30th Anniversary of Hollywood Studios. I had a fun evening at Magic Kingdom on my own including getting my first ever maxed out score on Buzz Lightyear.

We saw Aladdin for Dad's birthday.


Dad and I saw Tim McGraw's Songs of America book tour at The Anthem.

Mik wanted to trade in his game systems for a new one for his birthday. When we saw the DQ in the same shopping center, we just had to have ice cream, especially since 10 years ago in 2009 during the ballpark trip we got his birthday treat at a DQ.


Mom and I spent several weeks at the cottage. I made some jars and pots to decorate a little for the light up the island they do in July.

Dad, Mik, and I enjoyed the Apollo 50: Go for the Moon show on the Washington Monument.


I went to Warsaw for the 75th Anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. This time they allowed the family to go with to some of the events. Where we ended up for W Hour wasn't as great as how Dad and I experienced it last time, but it was very impressive to go to the wreath laying and not being able to see the end of the line and wondering if they were ever going to be done laying the wreaths.

Dad and I enjoyed The Beach Boys at the Wolf Trap.


We took a day trip to visit Assateague Island National Seashore.


Dad and I enjoyed some fall colors with a trip to Skyline Drive and the White House Fall Garden Tour.

Mik, in particular, enjoyed rooting for the Nationals to Finish the Fight in the World Series.


We went on a 14-day Panama Canal Cruise for Dad's 60th Birthday celebration.

We flew into Los Angeles a few days and visited the Petersen Auto Museum as well as Mission San Juan Capistrano before leaving out of San Diego, where we had a "fun" fire evacuation at the hotel.

Dad and I did a Port Adventure in Cabo San Lucas.

As Puerto Vallarta was not a tender port, we just got off as a family and went to Starbucks

Very Merrytime Cruise

Dad and I did an emerald jewelry making class. Dad got himself an emerald earring. When we got back to the ship, we found out we could have gotten our passports stamped and ended up getting off quickly as a family to get a quick latte at Juan Valdez and get our passports stamped.

Grand Cayman was a tender port and due to swells we ended up anchored in another bay and had to take a bus into the town, which Dad and I did just so I could play Harry Potter (and then why not some more 60th photos).

In Cozumel, we had booked a tequila tasting tour, but ended up delayed by a parade and the accessible taxi not actually being accessible and bailed on it rather than ending up with more frustration, although we still ended up with that when we found that the elevator was out at the port and the only way we had been able to easily cross the street earlier was because it had been closed for the parade.

During the cruise, we enjoyed the free popcorn we could get as Concierge, celebrating Mickey's birthday, making 3D character crafts, seeing the PremEAR of Frozen II, and drinks in the Concierge Lounge (lots and lots of lattes for me, Prosecco for Mom, and mixed drinks of the day for Mik).


We decorated Mom and Dad's boat with a Southwest theme this year for the Alexandria and DC boat parades. Fingers crossed that next year Third Mate's repairs will be done and we even already have an idea for what the theme will be for next year.

We enjoyed visiting Enchant at Nationals Park.

Mik and I also made our annual visit to the US Botanic Garden's "Season's Greenings," although it was our least favorite theme we've seen.

Dad, Mik, and I saw Chip at The Birchmere. Mik discovered he liked the opener's music and we all enjoyed that Chip mostly performed unreleased music.