Friday, November 28, 2014

Mik's North Pole Village 2014 Version

Mik was concerned his whole village wouldn't fit on the dining room table. He was already starting to think about no longer expanding it except for really really cool new ones and/or perhaps having to do a rotation in and out of some buildings each year.

No worries, though, as I got them all to fit and there is clearly still room for some expansion. However, he still is going to stick with only getting a new one if one pops out to him as cool instead of going searching for an interesting retired one like we've done the years nothing new comes out that really clicks for him.

Stockings Are Hung 2014

Stockings are hung by the "chimney" with care

In hopes that Santa will Please Stop Here

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Pierogi Day (a.k.a. Mik's Thanksgiving)

Yesterday Mik asked how many pierogis I had made and instead of counting them I just said more than enough for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Thus, that's what he decided we're having for Thanksgiving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dumbo Lamp in Kitchen

Mom emailed me this morning and said I had to do an update on my Dumbo lamp. So here it is. Not only has Mik not vetoed the one Dumbo on the lamp in the kitchen; but the lamp has turned into a miniature version of the Dumbo attraction. Mik doesn't mind it; but it does drive Dad nuts as he's always banging into it when throwing stuff in the trash or recycling cans.

On our Disney Cruise for my birthday last month they had the Dumbo popcorn buckets at the theater concession stand. The first night we bought one; because I had been talking about it being cool to turn the light into a miniature version of the attraction with three more Dumbos. We were going to get more each night until I had three; but the next night they were then out. However, the next night Dad and I noticed they had them again; so we just bought two to ensure we ended up with three. Then Mom met up with us in theater and had bought one, too. Thus, I ended up with too many Dumbos; but I guess can you really have too many?

Bonus collage that I've been meaning to put together of riding Dumbo over the years (and one of the Dino ride at Animal Kingdom; because it is now the only flying ride Mik does as it doesn't require a transfer).

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Inflatable Penguins Finally Found

Of course, I find the only things I couldn't find after we moved to Alabama after I no longer have a place to use them. The same box also had some more insulators, which I never would've noticed were missing, but I do now have an idea for displaying them all.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mom tries to explain why her electric bill is higher

This morning I told Mom their one bedroom electric bill was twice as much as the one for Mik and I's two bedroom.  She immediately came backs with, there's two of us living here. Um, yeah, there's two of us living in our place, too, and we're actually both home way more. The real difference is they keep the thermostat at 73 and we haven't even turned ours on since she moved to their place beginning of August.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dumbo flying in the kitchen

Today I was putting away and organizing some of the stuff that had been piled in the dining room as part of the move and I came across my Dumbo popcorn bucket. I am currently pretty much out of space to display stuff in our Disney themed kitchen, so I decided to hang it on the light. I had used that as a hat rack when we first moved in and Mik did not like that. Now to see how long until he actually comes to the kitchen long enough to notice Dumbo and uses his veto power again.