Saturday, June 29, 2024

Our Koffee Trail: Java Drip Coffee

Closer up image of Java Drip Coffee building

Date of Visit: June 29, 2024

Location: Java Drip Coffee, Gallup, NM

Last night we noticed a coffeeshop named Thanx a Latte when exploring Holbrook, Arizona, where we stayed the night. We considered going there before hitting the road this morning, but it was not open on the weekend. In searching where we could go instead, I found Java Drip Coffee in Gallup.

Java Drip Coffee building

When I showed Dad the picture of the place, he called it the coffee shack. It is a good description, but it is also a good design for a small drive through place, especially since it was set up to have a window on each side so could take the order on one side while finishing up the other side's order.

Java Drip Coffee Menu

The menu has a lot of variety. When we were stopping, Mik said he did not want anything, but then he saw the menu and decided he needed to try something, too.

Me with my latte

I had a Toasted Marshmallow Latte.

Mom with her Iced Black & White Mocha

Mom had an Iced Black & White Mocha.

Mik with his Iced Turtle Pie

Mik had an Iced Turtle Pie.

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