Sunday, June 15, 2014

Final box from move to Alabama unpacked...or so I thought

This past week I was going to begin packing for our move to Virginia in a few weeks, but first I decided I should actually unpack everything from when we moved to Alabama a year and a half ago.  The only boxes left unopened were the ones in Dad's office, which I finally noticed was actually mostly stuff from where Mik and I were living and not our parent's house, so I it was actually very little Dad's.  It was a lot of Mom's and junk that went straight to the trash or recycling, but I also finally found my postage scales.  There were also four or five boxes actually Dad's, which I did not unpacked, but they have at least been opened and confirmed to be mostly his to deal with.

Last night I told Dad there was only one box left for me to go through and it was too heavy for me to move to my room.  He asked if I had found the 1999 photos I have been trying to locate and I said no and they were not likely in that last box.  That was when he reminded me we have an attic.  That would be exactly where they would have ended up, too.  For now, though, that is mostly storage or get rid of (decorations mainly), so not going to deal with that until after we move the useful things to Virginia (and get Mom clear a path in her "office" to allow the attic stairs to come down).

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