Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day: 1st Holiday in Our New Home

Wednesday Dad and I planned how to celebrate Valentine's Day on the actual day, but Mom had forgotten to tell us she was going out of town that evening.  Thus, we celebrated it a day late tonight.

Valentine's Day 2013

My plan was to make a heart shaped cake with cupcakes as Mom thought that was cool when we were in Target the other day.  Since the kitchen is only partially unpacked I had to improvise a little in how I made it.  For one, we had no mixing bowls unpacked when I was mixing up the batter, so I ended up using a pot.  Of course, the one box I unpacked while the cupcakes were baking was the one with some of the mixing bowls!

Valentine's Day 2013

Secondly, we have not found the pans, so I could not make regular sized cupcakes.  What I had unpacked already, though, was my mini cupcake maker, which ended up being a better way of making them anyways.  However, it took forever to use up all the batter (about 8 batches at 8 minutes each).

Valentine's Day 2013

I topped the cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and strawberries after arranging them in a heart shape.

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