Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Not Being Able to Find Mom & Dad in New House

The first night in our new house I ended up repeating the experience of when we moved into our first house when I was 1.  At that time we moved from a two bedroom condo to a one story house with what I remember being four bedrooms and 3 living rooms.   It was basically really huge and when we first moved in I would wander around unable to find my mommy and daddy.

Over 20 years later moving back into the same house with my both parents for the first time in over 5 years, I ended up doing the same thing.  It is not that the place is huge (my room is huge compared to my old one, but the house overall is not).  However, I asked Mom where Dad was and then went to find him outside playing what I call musical cars because you have to park the cars just so to fit them all in the driveway.  Then I went in to tell Mom I found Dad only to end up going in circles trying to find her.

Thus, it is easy to wander in circles with the way the main path through the house is basically a circle.  In fact, you can do a whole circle route if you go out on of the doors to my room and then go in the front door.  Funny enough that is actually the shortest route from my room to half of the house including the bathroom.

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