Monday, September 17, 2012

Mik Keeps Talking About His New Fridge

Mik's New FridgeLast month I finally got around to defrosting Mik's mini fridge in his room.  I noticed the seal was starting to wear out, but it seemed to still close if you made sure to push it all the way close.  However, just a few days later it was all frosted up again despite Mik being more aware and closing it every time.  Thus, we decided it was time for a new mini fridge.  We bought it a couple weeks ago, but Mik's room has been its usual disaster and it is supposed to be someone else's job to clean it up.  Dad finally found time to be able to put it in this Saturday and now Mik cannot stop talking about how awesome his new fridge is.

Mik's New Fridge
It is similar to his old one, but it is a bigger version.  He likes that it is silver, as it goes better with his room.  He also likes that he has more space in his room, since as part of putting in a new fridge we decided to clean out the closet to be only long term storage (i.e. stuff he only needs to take out once a year or less, mainly his Christmas village and empty video game cases) and put the fridge in the closet doorway.  He is still getting used to the door opening from the right instead of the left, but he totally loves everything about it and seems to have something to say about it every time I go in his room.

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