Saturday, September 1, 2012

Entering an Indoor Speed Zone Sign

Today I added a Entering Indoor Speed Only Zone sign to the front door.  I was prompted to do so due to a Mik Tornado incident on Wednesday.  When I came home from bowling, I found the Great Room pretty much entirely rearranged and Mik left his power chair in full speed outdoor mode.

Apparently, Mik just wanted the remotes for the television.  They were not where they normally are, but they were still easy for him to grab from the desk in the office.  He did eventually locate them, but not after running into a lot of stuff and moving it around the room.

He moved the couch from the center of the room to almost against the wall, which included moving his walker that was behind the couch.  He moved the glass table to be crooked.  He moved a chair away from that table.  He moved the desk in the office to be crooked.  He moved the rug.  Lastly, he somehow moved the beanbag footstool all the way across the room.

Amazingly after 8 months of having the chair he has never done anything other than slightly move the couch and desk and make a little hole in his bathroom door.  Then in one hour of coming home from school last Wednesday he did like three times all that put together.  Interestingly, though, he did pick up one of his pairs of shoes and put them on a chair while he was "arranging" the great room.

The occasional moving things around with his power chair does not bother me, but he was totally out of control driving in what we call speedy speedy mode when I have told him several times to use indoor speed in the house.  The furniture is all way more than adequately out of the way for him to have navigated around and got what he needed/wanted without having to move any of it, although I can understand him bumping into the desk and moving it a few inches.  The problem was he moved things feet, which meant he did not just stop when he bumped it and/or he was zooming around like crazy.  Now I have a firm Indoor Speed Only Zone sign and he better not go crazy in outdoor mode again.

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