Sunday, May 6, 2012

My FLOR Installed!!

FLOR installed
FLOR installedToday we got the FLOR installed in the main part of my room.  Just a little to be done in the hallway and my closet at some point soon.  Overall it worked out pretty easy, although Dad did end up cutting one of the corner pieces wrong two to three times before getting it right.  Not a big deal, though, because we have plenty of extra tiles, especially since the one closet Mom is keeping as her "junk" closet is not going to be cleared out to do anytime soon.

FLOR installed I had been looking for just the right color for my room and when this design first showed up in the FLOR catalog I knew it was perfect color wise for my room.  I was not entirely sure how the randomness of this type of tile was going to end up, but it worked out great with only a few tiles having to be switched around because they looked funny next to each other after just laying them out as we unpacked them.

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