Sunday, April 22, 2012

Let's See If the Painter Sticks to the Wall

On Friday, Mom and I finally began to tackle the final painting for the Master Bedroom.  The painting has been a work in progress since December when we decided Mom should move out instead of us and I was going take the Master Bedroom.  The majority of the painting was done by January, but there was still some patching, sanding, and edging to do.

I ended up being better at the edging, so Mom was tasked with sanding, painting those areas, and painting the trim.  She was painting with a Shur-Line Handi Painter and I was standing on the ladder nearby painting the ledge.  I look down and see her let go of the painter to do something else.  I yell Mom as the painter falls to the carpet splattering paint.

Yes, the painter stuck to the wall for a few seconds before falling, but no a painter does not stay stuck for long.  I do not remember what she was doing, but I do know that in the moment she seemed to think it would stay on the wall while she did it.

Sadly, the paint that ended up on the carpet from that incident is actually just makes that part of the room blend in with the rest of the room, which has spots of blue and gray from those previously involved in the painting project.  The carpet was on the list to replace from the start, but before the painting project it was just dirty and now it is totally grungy.

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