Friday, March 15, 2013

Forgot to give Mik a tour of house

Tonight Mik tried to have me go wake up Mom with the excuse that he did not know where Mom & Dad's room was.  I thought he was bluffing, but turns out he legitimately did not know where their room was.  I guess we forgot to give him a tour of the whole house after we moved in.

Seriously, the house is smaller than our old one, but the layout is with separate wings, so you really can just use the common areas and not encounter each other's rooms for the most part, especially since Mik has his own bathroom rather than sharing like the rest of us do.

At least Mik did vaguely remember my room was through the kitchen and he really did try to bluff knowing that he could get to my room right out the front door.  He definitely knew that, as the other day when he came home with Dad they knocked there to ask me something.

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