Friday, June 15, 2012

My Disney Ledge: Starting my Vinylmation Collection

I finally have a few Vinylmation figures.  When I first saw them in Disney stores last year, I did not really like them much less want any other than I did actually buy one at the D23 Expo last year, but that was mostly because it came with a pin I liked.  However, ever since I moved into the Master Bedroom and made it themed Disney I have wanted to get some Vinylmation to put on the ledge.

The collection started with the ice Vinylmation that I only got because I wanted the ice cube mold it came with.  It was not really a collection, though, until I got some more in Disney World earlier this month.  Now I also have a big red light one, a 2012 one, and a Norway flag one.  Eventually, it would be cool to have them all across the ledge, but I am being pretty picky on the ones I get and the only ones out now I do not have that I want are ones that I am probably going to have to get on eBay because they are old like the bowling one and/or come in mystery box sets.

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